viernes, 11 de marzo de 2016

Próxima parada soul funk 11 marzo 16

Enlace del concierto de The Brand New Heaveis celbrado ela ciudad suiza de Lugano en el año 2013.

The brand new heavies sweet freaks 2Ok

Groove Theory: "Keep trying", The Brand New Heaveis: "Somtimes", Brverly Knight: "Flavour of the old school", Incognito: "Rapture", Brooklyn Funk Essentials: "I got cash", Down To The Bone: "Put a different spin on it", Groove Collective: "Everything is changin", Carleen Anderson: "Apparently nothing", Nicole Willies & The Soul Investigators: "Feeling free", Mo' Horizons: "Around ya", The Diplomatics of Solid Sound: "Trouble me" y Brenda Boyking: "Love is town".