miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2016

Próxima parada mejores discos del año 1972, 5 mayo 16

JJ Cale naturally 1971Ok
JJ Cale, potada del álbum: Naturally, año 1972

JJ Cale: "After midnight" y "Call me the breeze", Mott The Hoople: "All the young dudes" y "Ready for love / After lights", Stories: "Brother Louie", Stealers Wheel: "Stuck in the middle with you", The Raspberries: "I wanna be with you", T.Rex: "Baby strange", Neil Young: "Out on the weekend", The Rolling Stones: "Happy", David Bowie: "Monage day dream", Big Star: "In the street", Lou Reed: "Hangin' round", Nick Drake: "Things bahind the sun", Humble Pie: "The fixer" y Deep Purple: "Lazy".

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