domingo, 24 de enero de 2016

Próxima parada funky soul 24 enero 16

Ya puedes encontrar los nuevos podcast del programa en la siguiente dirección;
You can already find new podcast the program at the following address ;

Change: "Hold tight",  The Temptations: "Bring your body hara",  Lakeside: "Relationship",  Love Unlimited: "High steppin' hip dresin' fella",  The Jamres: "Be mine tonight",  Young & Company: "I like (What you're doing to me)",  Deniece Williams: "Never say never", Wynton Marsalis: "Knoz-moe-king",  Michael Henderson: "In it for the goodies",  T-Connection: "Girl watching" y Wynton Marsalis: "Knoz-moe-king".