martes, 26 de enero de 2016

Próxima parada smooth jazz/soul 26 enero 16

Ya puedes encontrar los nuevos podcast del programa en la siguiente dirección;
You can already find new podcast the program at the following address ;

Lin Rountree: "Soul funky",  Gerald Albright: " Dj don't",  Anthony Strong: "On a clear day",  Art Madison: "Blowing my mind",  Brenda Russell: "When i give my love to you",  Bill Chomplin: "Aftyer the love has gone",  Katja Riekerman: "Blues for Joe",  Ty Causey: "Treasure for life",  Rocco Ventrella: "Say goobye",  Vahan Stepanyan: "Only you",  Mario Biondi: "All i wana is you",  Boney James: "Ether way",  Greg Adams: "Hush hush" y Dave Bass: "Just a full".