jueves, 21 de abril de 2016

Próxima parada rock soul jazz 22 abril 16

Enlace del concierto celebrado por Lou Reed en 1984, Teatro Capitol de New Jersey, EE.UU.

Lou Reed Transformer 1972Ok

Lou Reed: "Walk on the wild side", Li'sha Project: "Feel", Jamiroquai: "Feels just like should", Kinny & Horne: "Forgetting to emember", Kevin Yost: "Close to you", R.E.M.: "Shaking throught", Hope Collective: "Give and let live", Angela Johnson: "All i need", NoJazz: "Have fun", Breakestra: "Hiding", Natural Self: "I don't need this trouble", The Sweet Vandals: "I got you, man" y U2: "Running to stand".

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