sábado, 28 de enero de 2017

Kandace Springs debuta con 'Soul eyes' un álbum donde demuestra que Prince, su descubridor, no se equivocaba del talento de esta cantante y pianista de Nahsville

Kandace SpringsOkKandace Springs

Nancy WilsonOkNancy Wilson

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Sy Smith

Kandace Springs:"Thought it woild be easier", The New Congress:"Anguish, love and romance", Gwendolyn Collins:"Take a walk with you", Vanessa Rubin:"It's probably me", Jimmy Witherspoon:"I had a dream", Nancy Wilson:"The masquerade is over", Sy Smith:"Good and strong", Nights (feel like getting down)", Queen Aaminah:"Want me to stay", Fertile Ground:"Black sunshine", Terisa Griffin:"Tonight is the night", Mycah Chevalier:"Jus won relax u blues", N' Dambi:"Can't change me"